Finding the right voice should be easy. With Nitro's voice archive of professional readers, content producers have a wide range to choose from in their hunt for the right voice.

Customers are encouraged to attend recordings, either at the studio or via a video link. Nitro fixes the entire process: booking the reader, recording, editing, mastering and delivery of files, ready for publication.

Nitro organise just about everything, so ordering and recording voice-work with a super-professional American, Brasilian or Italian is just as easy – almost easier actually – than recording local heroes. What's more, they're so reliable in terms of instruction and direction for the times when we cant make it to the recording ourselves.

— Per Ole Aabakken


Selected projects

Save The Children

Recording of voiceovers, editing and mastering of sound for Save The Children films.


Casting and recording of English voiceovers for films for Hydro.

Sport 1

Recording av mastering audio for Sport 1 commercials.


Casting and recording of Norwegian and English voices for Bergans brand films.