Dubbing / ADR

Karsten og Petra

Dubbing and ADR recording.

The Northman (2022)

ADR recording.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Recording of English original dialogue with Norwegian actors for Ubisoft's major investment Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Ratchet and Clank video game

Casting and recording of Norwegian voices at Nitro.

Skylanders Academy TV series

Casting of voices, translations, adaptation, recording, mix and mastering in 2.0 and 5.1.

LittleBigPlanet video game

Casting and recording of Norwegian voices at Nitro.

Audiobooks / Audio drama

Veien videre

Written and narrated by Erna Solberg (prime minister of Norway from 2013 to 2021). This book addresses the challenges we will face in the years to come. The audiobook is produced by Nitro for Kagge.

Small Discreet Murders

The audio drama "Small Discreet Murders" was recorded at Nitro for Podimo.

Elly vil bli en trompet

Produced and published by Nitro. The story is written by Kristine Rui Slettebakken. Music and sound design by Kristian Bjørge.


The audio drama Sikadene is recorded at Nitro, produced by Aschehoug.


The audio drama London is recorded at Nitro, produced by Aschehoug.

"Den helt sanne historien om hvordan det aller beste ble til"

Produced by Nitro for Aschehoug. Music by Kristian Bjørge. Sound design by Kristian Bjørge and Øystein Holmgren.

"Nabovarsel" by Unni Lindell

Read by: Ane Dahl Torp

Publisher: Strawberry Publishing

"Min historie" by Michelle Obama

Read by: Karin Okkenhaug Seim

Publisher: Cappelen Damm

"Byens Spor" by Lars Saabye Christensen

Read by: Kim Haugen

Publisher: Cappelen Damm

"Petter Northug - Min historie" by Jonas Forsang

Read by: Paul Ottar Haga

Publisher: Pilar

"Dyrene i Afrika" by Erlend Loe

Read by: Erlend Loe

Publisher: Cappelen Damm

"Ingenlund" by Jessica Townsend

Read by: Gisken Armand

Publisher: Vigmostad & Bjørke



Recording of digital books for upper secondary school.

"Skolen" by Cappelen Damm

Recording and editing of voices for "Skolen" from Cappelen Damm.

EPIO app

The app that helps you manage your pain. Recording and mastering of English voiceover. For Oslo University Hospital.

The National Museum

Voiceover recordings for The National Museum in Oslo, for Svarttrost Produksjoner.


Voiceover recording, mixing and mastering of audio to TV and online.


Voiceover recording and mastering for TV and online usage.

Save The Children

Recording of voiceovers, editing and mastering of sound for Save The Children films.


Casting and recording of English voiceovers for films for Hydro.

Sport 1

Recording av mastering audio for Sport 1 commercials.


Casting and recording of Norwegian and English voices for Bergans brand films.

Norges Bank

Casting and recording of north-Norwegian voiceover for Norges Bank film.


Forhandlinger på liv og død

Recording of commentary voice with Aleksander Nordahl on the podcast "Forhandlinger på liv og død" for Dagens Næringsliv.

Hvorfor det?

A podcast with Ivo Vatnar Eikje that asks silly, simple or far-too-difficult questions. The podcasts are recorded and mastered at Nitro.

Burde vært pensum

Recording for Lyder Produksjoner.

Tusvik & Tønne

Nitro produce the podcast Tusvik & Tønne for PodMe.

Flymodus for UKM Viken

Morten Westgaard invites guests to talk about mobile phone use and mental health. The podcast is produced by Nitro for UKM Viken.

Mellom linjene

"Mellom linjene" is recorded at Nitro for Ark bokhandel.

Stemmen bak

A podcast by Nitro and Våis. Get to know the voices you hear every day. Host: Erik Skøld. Producer: Robin Howard.

Levende bilder

A podcast with Einar Aarvig, made in collaboration with Radiorådgiverne.

Norge omstiller

TietoEVRY records the podcast "Norge omstiller" at Nitro. We provide recording, mastering and publishing of the podcast.

Bra damer

When Guri is in Oslo, she records her Bra Damer podcast at Nitro. We take care of the recording and mastering.

MatPrat podcast

Nitro records, edits and masters MatPrat's podcast. We also produced the podcast's exclusive jingle/theme tune.


Nitro records the podcast on location at the Norwegian Directorate of Health. We also delivered the podcast's exclusive jingle/theme tune.

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