What to start a podcast but are unsure how to go about it?
We'll get you on the air!

According to figures from Kantar, more and more people are listening to podcasts at least once a month. Podcasts have thus become an invaluable means of communication for building awareness and interest in a business's products and services. And as the number of listeners increases, so do the demands on sound quality and content.

In collaboration with skilled and experienced consultants in Nucleus, we can help you with everything from concept development to themes and form. Everything you need to create a good product, with our advice responsively suited to your projects and needs.

We find Nitro to be both professional and skilful. We often operate with short deadlines and Nitro delivers quickly and efficiently every time. We're very satisified with our collaboration!

— Peter Skjønberg


Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and new technology means in principle that just about anyone can produce their own podcast. At Nitro, we are one-stop podcast consultants, helping our customers with everything from idea and concept to recording, post-production and further planning.

The pleasant atmosphere and modern decor of our studios also mean that recording with us is fun. And if you want to film your podcast, that’s possible too. Nitro also offers technicians and equipment for recording on location.

Selected projects

Mellom linjene

"Mellom linjene" is recorded at Nitro for Ark bokhandel.

Stemmen bak

A podcast by Nitro and Våis. Get to know the voices you hear every day. Host: Erik Skøld. Producer: Robin Howard.

Levende bilder

A podcast with Einar Aarvig, made in collaboration with Radiorådgiverne.

Norge omstiller

TietoEVRY records the podcast "Norge omstiller" at Nitro. We provide recording, mastering and publishing of the podcast.