Our story

Nitro was founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming the best sound studio for the recording of voiceovers and vocal productions.

Today, we are much more than that. We are a one-stop supplier of recording services, additionally offering advice and conceptual assistance.

At Nitro, predictability is a plus: customers always know they will get what they pay for. From our central location at Alexander Kiellands Plass in Oslo, we facilitate both large and small projects for customers in Oslo, all of Norway and the rest of the world. Customers can attend recordings in person at the studio or via a video link.

If you need excellent readers and outstanding sound, we’re ready to help.


Robin Howard

Producer og sound technician

Robin has a bachelor's degree in popular music from Middlesex University London and a diploma in sound technology from Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media. He is usually involved in the whole process – from drafts on paper to finally edited recording.

Trond Heien

Producer and voiceover

Trond began in radio in 1988 and has been a professional voiceover artist, copywriter and producer since 1996. He ran a sound studio from 2000 until Nitro was startedin 2008. He has taken on almost every kind of voice commission during the course of his career and represented countless customers in Norway and abroad. This wealth of experience provides a unique basis for directing other readers.

Anders Ellingsen

Sound technician

Anders is a trained sound technician from Norsk Lydskole and works with much of our recording and post-production work, including audiobooks, podcasts, commercials, e-learning and video games. Anders is exceptionally interested professional sound production and knows that it requires more than just an updated rig. That's why he likes to be involved in the whole process, where meeting the customer and pre-recording consultations are at least as important as the recording itself.

Kristian Bjørge

Sound technician

Kristian has a bachelor's degree in music production from Westerdals, Oslo, and works as a producer and sound technician at Nitro. Kritian works with all types of productions in addition to sound design, music production, dubbing and ADR. All audiobooks produced by Nitro are mastered and QA'd by Kristian.

Emil Beddari

Podcast developer

Emil is a freelance podcast developer at Nitro, and assists in projects all the way from idea development to pitching, production and publishing. He helps to convey your ideas in the best possible way, and makes sure that those in the studio have all the preparation they need. Emil has experience in speechwriting, pitching to publishers, and research, and he holds a Master's degree in Human Geography from the University of Oxford.

Nima Bameri

General manager

Nima has been the Nitro general manager since its inception in 2008. He has many years' practice of sound production behind him and many thousands of hours of recording in the bank of his experiences. Nima works on many different productions at Nitro, all the time making sure that the company remains competitive in a market with an abundance of skilled practitioners.