Nitro is Norways's largest independent producer of audiobooks. In 2021 we produced more than 1000 audiobooks. A total of about 6700 hours of finished audio, which corresponds to 279 days of continuous playing time. Read by 162 different narrators for 26 publishers in Norway and abroad. We agree on the most suitable reader with the publishing house, then proceed to recording, guidance and post-production work. Nitro also offers home-studio recording of audiobooks, with readers working on Nitro equipment.

We are so impressed by everything Nitro delivers, both the qualitya and the sheer amount of audibooks they have produced for us. There's quality every step of the way.

— Nina Juul

Produksjonssjef, Strawberry Publishing

Selected projects

"Den helt sanne historien om hvordan det aller beste ble til" by Maja Lunde

Read by: Kristine Rui Slettebakken and Espen Sandvik

Publisher: Aschehoug

Music by Kristian Bjørge. Sound design by Kristian Bjørge and Øystein Holmgren.

"De som dreper drømmer, sover aldri" by Jan Guillou

Read by: Halvard Djupvik

Publisher: Vigmostad & Bjørke

"Nabovarsel" by Unni Lindell

Read by: Ane Dahl Torp

Publisher: Strawberry Publishing

"Min historie" by Michelle Obama

Read by: Karin Okkenhaug Seim

Publisher: Cappelen Damm