About Nitro

Nitro's studios are the perfect fit for your production. If not, we'll perfect the fit for you.

Centrally located in Oslo, Nitro sound studios can help with everything from consultation and planning to recording and post-production work. Since our start-up in 2008, we have produced and recorded countless audiobooks, podcasts, dubbing projects and voiceovers.

What’s most important for us is to realise our customers’ orders, ensuring the best possible results through unwavering professional commitment. That’s why Nitro likes to be involved at an early stage of the process. Even the briefest of recordings can be perfected, and that’s where we can help you. Our goal is not just that you’ll be heard but that your message will be understood.

With all the very latest technology, Nitro offers five top-notch modern studios for the recording and production of audiobooks, podcasts, dubbing and voice.



Several of Norway’s largest publishing houses use Nitro for the production of audiobooks. Since 2015, we have produced around 3000!


Some of Norway’s most popular podcasts are recorded at Nitro. Our podcast studios also feature cameras, lighting and screens for video-recording.

Dubbing / ADR

Nitro undertakes sound synchronisation (ADR) and dubbing of interantional projects, including films, video games and series.


What’s most important is to convey the message in the right way. Nitro’s voice archive provides customers with a wide range of choices they won’t find anywhere else.

Do you, or does your project, need the perfect sound?

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